CONWAY, Ark – As the City of Conway works to expand its bike trail system, cyclists are hoping safety will be made a top priority.

Just like driving a car, Terry Coddington buckles in, changes gears, and heads off on his daily bike ride around the city.

“Right now, is the best time of year to ride,” said Coddington.

Each week, Coddington passes more and more bikers on the pavement as the sport gains popularity in Conway.

As more join in, Coddington says more focus needs to be put on improving roads, making them safer for cyclists.

“Having connectivity trails and things like that greatly increase the amount of time I spend on a bicycle,” said Coddington.

Wednesday, our crews met Coddington at what he says is a busy roadway, Hogan Lane.

A view from Coddington’s handlebars shows why he says improvements need to be made.

“It’s got a bike lane, but it narrows up and it’s not ideal,” said Coddington. “I don’t know that you ever get used to it, especially whenever it’s a large vehicle.”

The City says improving safety is top mind but with how much ground they must cover, it may take some time.

“Most of the cities here were built for the vehicle,” said Bobby Kelly with the City of Conway. “We’re obviously seeing that folks need trails and need sidewalks, not just for recreation and getting a breath of fresh air, but for true transportation.”

The City says they have an ordinance in place that states whenever a new road is paved or an existing road is repaved, biker safety must be considered.

“Whether it’s a bike lane or protected bike lanes or barriers or something like that I think you’ll start to see more of that,” said Coddington.

Coddington says it’s always good to remember that bikers and drivers share the road, and each must play a part in the others’ safety.

“Be kind and be patient. We’re all moms and dads, and brothers and sisters, and we’re not trying to hurt anybody by being out on the roads,” said Coddington.