Conway,Ark.- The Conway Fire Department has upgraded it’s technology to help them save time when it comes to fire fighting.

Recently the department purchases a new heat imager and hopes to outfit all firefighters with one. 

“The thermal imagers help a bunch. You can see where the seed of the fire is. You can attack the seed of the fire instead of trying to find it,” explained one Conway Firefighter.

These new ones are about as small as a cell phone but can help locate not only the source of the fire but also people trapped inside.

The department has used a number of difference sensors but say this one is not only less costly but also the most effective.

“These imagers here are like carrying your cellphone. the ones we used to carry added another 15 lbs to our gear,” said Captian Chad Davis.

Captain Davis went on this will save his team time and save more lives. Eventually the department hopes every firefighter will be armed with this new tool.