Conway Police Release Names in Officer Involved Shooting

Conway Police release the names of those involved in a shooting at an apartment complex Sunday afternoon.

4 police officers are on leave for shooting 21-year-old John Raines IV multiple times. Police say the officers followed department procedures, but some people who live at the Plaza Pointe Apartments feel the officer’s use of deadly force put them all in danger.

One woman says she has 2 bullet holes in her front window, and her neighbors next door have 3 bullets that went through their apartment. The woman says one of the bullets went into her kitchen cabinet and all her glassware shattered.

Conway Police say Raines stabbed his roommate, 28-year-old Nathan Dodson, who then barricaded himself in a closet until officers arrived. Conway Police spokesperson LaTresha Woodruff says Dodson’s wounds are superficial.

According to Woodruff, Raines refused to drop his knife after officers repeated asked him to. That’s when police say they tazed him, but to no affect. Woodruff says Raines charged at one of the officers,  Rachel Hanson, and 3 other officers opened fire on Raines, shooting him multiple times. Stray bullets littered the apartment building, scaring many people inside. Neighbors says they’re concerned they could have been caught in the crossfire.

Conway Police say the actions of the officers went by the book. “An officers life was in danger. If they didn’t alliviate that threat, he could have caused harm to the officer and who knows who else he could have caused harm to.”

Woodruff says the investigation is still on-going, but the department stands by actions of the 4 officers involved. “When officers go out on a call, they do not want to have to draw their weapons.”

Officers Rachel Hanson, Andrew Burningham, James Burroughs, and Steven Culliford are on leave until the investigation is complete. Police say that is standard policy in these situations.

Raines was airlifted to a Little Rock hospital with multiple gun shot wounds, but his condition is unknown. Police say Raines does have a history of mental illness.

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