Conway Police Request Help Locating Missing Mom & Son

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A Conway mother and son have been missing for a month. Police say they were last seen at the U.S and Mexican border near McAllen, TX on February 12th.

Police and the family are asking for help finding 30-year-old Constance Hendrix, and her 7-year-old son Kamari. Darlene Hendrix says she doesn’t know where they are, if they’re OK, or what to do, except plead for help finding them.

Constance and Kamari haven’t had any contact with family since January  25th. “She won’t answer her phone, she won’t call us. Her birthday was February 20th, and more than 100 people facebooked her to say Happy Birthday. Her cousins and her sisters told her they love her, and she never responded back to anyone.”

Conway Police says they are concerned because of allegations of maltreatment by Constance toward Kamari. LaTresha Woodruff with the Conway Police Department says Constance may not be thinking clearly, and may fear the Department of Human Services might come take her child away from her. Woodruff says Constance hasn’t broken the law. “We know at this point that is her child. She has custody of him, so she hasn’t done anything wrong.”

In fact, law enforcement talked to the mother and son two weeks ago while crossing back into the United States from Mexico. Darlene Hendrix says detectives told her Kamari asked the police officer to show them how to get home because he was really scared.

Darlene worries this is all her fault. “I have been so tough on her, so maybe that’s why she’s running from me.” She says Constance takes Kamari out of school too frequently, dropped out of nursing school herself in December, and doesn’t have a job. Darlene also says Constance recently moved out of her apartment without leaving a forwarding address. Darlene says it’s uncommon for her to go this long without any contact with friends or family.

For now, police and the family just want to make sure they’re not in any danger. Darlene says she’s praying for their safe return. “She’s just got to come home to me. Whatever she needs, I’ll give her help. She just has to come home to me, her and my grandson.”

Constance and Kamari are believed to be traveling in a white 2005 4-door Chrysler PT Cruiser with Arkansas license plate 268 RFT. Anyone with any information is asked to call Conway Police.

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