Arkansas seeing some ‘breakthrough’ cases of vaccinated individuals who test positive for COVID-19


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas Department of Health said breakthrough COVID-19 cases are on the rise.

Breakthrough cases are those where an individual is vaccinated but still contracts COVID-19 and they now represent approximately 5% of active COVID-19 cases in Arkansas.

Casey Copeland and Brad Wood were both hesitant about the COVID-19 vaccine initially.

Copeland said he just didn’t like being told what he should do and Wood said he was not comfortable that the FDA had not fully approved any of the shots and he does not like getting shots in general.

Copeland said he finally decided to get the vaccine with a new baby on the way.

“My wife, of course, she’s the responsible one out of the both of us so she, of course, was like ‘I don’t care if you want to go to the gym, you need to think about your family,” he said.

Wood said as a church-goer, a father, and working in an office environment he felt it was his duty to get vaccinated.

He was stunned that he tested positive after getting vaccinated saying, “I really didn’t expect to have a positive result, so I was surprised.”

Copeland had an air of invincibility about him after getting vaccinated but still came down with COVID-19.

“My wife has been telling me just because you’re vaccinated doesn’t mean you can’t catch COVID-19 and I guess this has proven that to be true,” Copeland said.

Both men said they had body aches. Copeland compared it to a bad cold, and Wood said it knocked him down for a few days and he also experienced high fever and chest congestion.

Despite some side effects from both doses of the Pfizer vaccine that were unpleasant Wood said he would much rather deal with those than end up in the hospital.

“I’m 100% positive that getting the vaccine curved the longevity of my infection!” Wood exclaimed.

Copeland encourages everyone to get the vaccine because it’s the best tool people have right now to combat the virus. 

“So if it takes everybody getting vaccinated to move this thing forward, I think we should do what we can,” He said.

Wood had a much stronger message to those who are still being resistant to the vaccine for whatever reason.

“If you love your family, you love your country, you love your state, man up and get the vaccine! Not for you, you know get out from behind your keyboard and your smartphone and do your part.  Do what you need to do to save the people that are close to you,” he said.

Both men said they are feeling better as of Thursday and should be out of their separate quarantines within the next two days. 

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