Briarwood Nursing taking extra precautions as they see more COVID-19 cases


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The Arkansas Health Care Association along with the Briarwood Nursing home held a press conference Sunday with more updates on what they’re doing to protect their residents.

Briarwood is just one of the three recent nursing homes that have seen COVID-19 positive cases.

Out of the 47 new cases announced Sunday more are coming from Briarwood Nursing. 

Medical director, Dr. Bushra Shah said they know people are concerned and anxious but they’re following CDC guidelines and taking extra precautions.

“Anybody who’s tested positive is placed in a private room,” Dr. Shah said.

Briarwood nursing home now taking more precautions as they continue to see more COVID-19 cases.

As of Sunday, they have 35 residents and 6 employees who test positive cases.

“As the numbers are coming were getting more and more patients that are testing positive so we’re isolating them all in one area,” Dr. Shah said.

They have 88 residents in total and have dedicated staff for everyone who tests positive.

Dr. Shah said they have more negative than positive test results so far.

She also noted that she tested herself.

“I’m telling you, I’m negative,” Dr. Shah.

And although they have enough staff right now they’re asking for anyone looking for employment to apply to work with them online.

“As health workers become sympathetic or test positive those people aren’t working in the facility and so we have some people to back up but we’re trying to plan ahead,”

Dr. Shah ended with a special message with anyone with concerns.

“For all those that are out there wondering about their families and elders at Briarwood, we are trying our best to keep life as normal as always.”

Dr. Shah said they are still waiting for all the results to come back after testing everyone inside the home.

In the meantime, they still want to encourage folks to interact with family by callings or FaceTime.

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