Central Arkansas seeing pandemic baby boom


LITTLE ROCK, Ark – More expecting mothers are walking in the doors of Little Rock hospitals, sparking the idea of a possible COVID-19 baby boom. 

Dr. Clinton Hutchinson is an OBGYN at Arkansas Women’s Center, he says the number of patients he sees has gone up about 25 percent in the last couple of months. 

“The feel of things around here is a lot more people are having kiddos,” said Dr. Hutchinson. 

Dr. Hutchinson said he delivered four babies in a six-hour time span Friday morning and another 12 over the weekend. 

Even though it’s been more than a year since the pandemic started, he’s still contributing the surge to the impacts of 2020. 

“I think people are realizing this isn’t going away and don’t want to put their lives on hold,” said Hutchinson. 

Dr. Hutchinson said another key factor in the surge is the idea that more mothers and parents can work from home and are able to spend more time with their newborns. 

“Ive had women say, it’s going to be a better situation for me to have a baby now because I can work from home,” said Dr. Hutchinson. 

Little Rock mom Krystal Anderson said being able to work from home has been a blessing. 

“When I take my lunch breaks, I’m able to go love on him and then just go back to work.”

Anderson gave birth to her son in October of 2020.  

She said another positive of having a baby now was few people were allowed in the deliever room. 

“It was just me and my husband,” said Anderson. “It was a more intimate moment.”

Anderson said a lot of her social media feeds are flooded with baby announcements and thinks its because more moms are starting to take notice to the positives of having a baby during a pandemic. 

Dr. Hutchinson said he expects more new moms in the coming months as restrictions continue to lift. 

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