Coronavirus impacts three nursing homes in Arkansas, others tightening up


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — The novel Coronavirus is affecting more and more people in the natural state.

The Department of Health says there are 100 confirmed cases now, and it’s impacting three nursing homes across the state.

Thirteen cases, including patients and staff, have tested positive for COVID 19 at this nursing home.

Our Re’Chelle Turner spoke to a spokesperson with the Healthcare Association who says protecting the health and well being of its residents and employees remains our top priority.

“It simply shows that we have to stay on top of this,” says Governor Asa Hutchinson

On Friday, The Natural State jumped from 62 to 100 confirmed COVID 19 cases in 24 hours.

The Coronavirus is now affecting three nursing homes across the state.

“These are our most vulnerable population where most are concerned,” says Dr. Nathaniel H. Smith, MD secretary ADH

Nine residents and four staff members at the Briarwood Nursing Home and Rehab in Little Rock tested positive for COVID 19

On Friday officials addressed how the virus may have gotten inside the facility.

“In the case with Pine Bluff that patient was likely was exposed to a physician who was affected from our original patients in the other cases we are not sure. Now whether the staff were first infected and then the residents later or vice Vera we don’t know,” says Dr. Nathaniel H. Smith, MD secretary ADH.

Executive director for the Arkansas Healthcare Association Rachel Bunch says the elderly population is among the most vulnerable.

“There are a lot of respiratory issues that we are seeing we doing everything we can to study those things and work with the health department to treat this bur this is something that definitely affects the elderly population a lot more than others,” says Rachel Bunch Arkansas Healthcare Association.

The Department of Health taking swift action

“What we are doing in each of those cases is working very closely with the staff and management of those facilities to test all the residents as well as staff,” says Dr. Nathaniel H. Smith, MD secretary ADH

Moving forward facilities across the state are taking precautions and limiting social contact and visitors.

“I know that’s been very difficult for many families not understanding why this is why we really want COVID 19 out of the long term facility setting because it can spread so easily and can be quite devastating,” says Dr. Nathaniel H. Smith, MD secretary ADH

The Department of Health is currently screening all other staff and residents for COVID-19 at Briarwood.

The healthcare association says If staff members get sick they have to go home.

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