LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — If you’ve been to the drug store or grocery store you’ve probably ran into a problem trying to get several household items.

As more people flock to the stores many items you need are flying off the shelves.

Our Re’Chelle Turner went to three different stores and they were all out of the necessity items everyone needs.

Water, toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, sanitizer, bleach and bread were all gone.

Empty shelves at stores are leaving people frustrated.

“I’m shopping for s*** they ain’t got,” said Cindy James a shopper.

The novel coronavirus left shoppers like Cindy scrambling for items on Friday.

“There’s no toilet paper, there’s no paper towels, no Kleanex. There is very little napkins, people are just going to have to get a Sears Catalog and go on with it, like the old day,” said Cindy.

We spotted empty shelves of water, paper towels and produce at the Sams Club on Bowman Road. Cindy said people are doing the most when it comes to the virus.

“Are you scared to be out in pubic. I’m not. I live out in the woods so I ain’t. If it can make it out there and survive come on,” said Cindy.

A similar scene at Walmart. The medicine aisle struggling with items like bleach and soap gone. All that is left in the toilet paper aisle are empty boxes.

“Nothing left at all. I actually was a Sam’s yesterday evening and I was going into get toilet paper and paper towels only to find out there was none,” said Yolanda Holmes a shopper.

Families walk down freezer aisles looking for what’s left.

“It was just crazy,” said Yolanda.

People say they’re going to continue to take extra steps to protect them from COVID-19.

“I trust God and if it has a name then it has to bow. We want to take precautions but in the same instance you want to be safe,” said Gregory Holmes a shopper.

Adding to the problem the lines were long and the parking lot was packed. Workers say they’re constantly restocking items.