CONWAY, Ark. — During this difficult time we’ve seen several people, groups and organizations going above to help those in need. 

It’s all hard work at the Community Action Program of Central Arkansas in Conway. 

“Our purpose is to serve low-income families or individuals and help them out of poverty.” said Jennifer Welter, executive director at the Community Action Program. “It provides two weeks of food for children K-12th grade so they can receive 14 breakfast, 14 lunch, 14 snacks, 5 beverages and they can come back every two weeks.”

“Things are tough for some families during this pandemic but the capca is there when you need it they have everything from snacks and food to household items like this so far they’ve served thousands during covid 19.” said Jennifer Welter

“It has been a challenge we have been blessed and feel very honored and grateful that people trust us that are donating to us so as there became limitations on items to purchase it became a challenge.” said Jennifer Welter

They also help with utilities or shut off notices rental and medication assistance head start programs and they have an adult food pantry. 

“Because we are seeing a lot of families not used to receiving services that are needing help during this time.” said Jennifer Welter

It’s a passion for these people stocking shelves. 

The agency says they’re always in need of food and personal care products.