Governor holds COVID-19 community conversation in Dumas


DUMAS, Ark. — Governor Asa Hutchinson talked in Dumas Tuesday, where more than 50 people showed up asking questions about how schools will be able to keep kids safe this upcoming school year.

Governor Hutchinson also focused on vaccination rates during his talk. 

“It’s critically important because vaccinations is what’s going to help us get out of this, vaccinations are going to keep you healthy and vaccinations going to keep you from dying,” Gov. Hutchinson said.

 Governor Hutchinson also recognized Desha County for meeting his goal of 50% of its population getting vaccinated.

“Because of a lot of local effort, they know there’s more work to be done,” Gov. Hutchinson said.

Desha is one of only 9 counties that have met that goal.

 Common myths surrounding the vaccine and vaccine hesitancy also came up as part of the conversation.  

“Knowledge answers all of those objections and hesitancy so through our town hall meetings, through our media adverting, through local community efforts we’re really to address that.” 

Hutchinson said the state is approaching the point where hospitals will have to delay surgeries again, because there’s a high demand for beds for COVID-19 patients.

“There might have to be some adjustments in some of the other surgeries, in order to make sure we can take care of COVID patients, again we can avoid that if we get a vaccination,” Gov. Hutchinson said.

He also noted that since they started the community conversations, the vaccine rates have gone up. 

Gov. Hutchinson will host another community conversation Wednesday night in Heber Springs.

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