Lake Side School District holds vaccination clinic ahead of school starting


HOT SPRINGS, Ark. – It’s the final push for vaccines before the start of the school year.

Lakeside School District in Hot Springs held their last vaccination clinic before students filter into the hallways.

Chairs full, sleeves rolled up students at Lakeside School District spent their Wednesday getting their shot of protection against COVID-19

“I highly recommended to him, I guess to say the least, that he gets his COVID vaccine even though he didn’t want to,” Parent Brian French said.

French said he left the decision up to his son Collin. He said he wasn’t sure at first but started to change his mind.

“Whenever I heard this new delta variant was coming out and when people who weren’t vaccinated were getting put in hospitals,” Collin said.

He said the increase in cases and wanting to be able to compete in football and baseball ultimately made the choice simple.

“I’m getting my second dose of the COVID vaccine trying to keep in my sports, keep in school,” Collin said.
French is one of more than a hundred students who came out to the clinic less than a week until the first bell rings.

“Our biggest concern is keeping kids in the classroom,” High School Nurse and Lakeside School District COVID Point of Contact Kelly Orr said.

To encourage more vaccinations, Orr said they put out videos on social media from healthcare professionals urging staff and students to get the vaccine.

“That helped educate parents and give them good solid valid information that also pertained to our community,” Orr said.

So far she said 85% of staff is fully vaccinated.

“Which I think is fantastic,” Orr said.

As far as students that number is still up in the air, but Orr and French said big turnouts like what they saw Wednesday will make all the difference.

“It’s at least good to see that people are understanding what the delta variant can do to people and I’m glad they’re trying to be safe,” Collin said.

There will be another clinic in three weeks. Lakeside will also have its school board meeting tomorrow to discuss whether or not they will mandate masks.

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