LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Two omicron subvariants continue to make their way through Arkansas, and the number of infections indicates a surge associated with them. Local business owners said they are keeping a watch on the rising case totals and deciding whether to implement health measures.

Dr. Jennifer Dillaha is the Dept. of Health Director. She said the subvariants seem to be more transmissible than previous variants. There are fewer hospitalizations, but Dillaha said people should still be careful about how they approach some everyday activities.

“The recommendation is for everybody to do their part whether they’re vaccinated or not,” Dillaha said.

Dillaha said business owners must make their own decisions about how to address the rising case totals. Because of higher transmissibility, businesses risk losing much of their staff to temporary COVID-19 quarantine measures if there are infections.

Capi Peck is a co-owner at Trio’s Restaurant in Little Rock. She said staff members are required to be masked.

“We’ve done well in spite of the pandemic because of our precautions,” Peck said.

If case numbers continue to rise, Peck said she may consider implementing further health measures to protect staff members and patrons.

“I keep wondering, ‘Do I need to require guests to require masks again?'” Peck said. “I follow the CDC guidelines.”

Dillaha said a vaccine will roll out in Oct. or Nov. that targets the omicron subvariants.