Little Rock restaurant owner limits dining room capacity hoping to help slow the spread of COVID-19


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.— On Thursday, Arkansas recorded more than 2,200 new cases of the Coronavirus—the second highest for the state.

It was also another day of double digit COVID related deaths with 22 being reported.

Meanwhile, restaurants in Arkansas are still operating at two thirds capacity, despite recommendations from the White House to scale back.

The owner of a Little Rock restaurant called “Trios” says if Governor Asa Hutchinson won’t set additional guidelines, she will.

“This has been the most surreal and difficult year since we opened 34 years ago. We’ve survived a couple of recessions 911, all sorts of dramatic things,” said Trios owner, Capi Peck.

Peck says her restaurant’s dining room recently reopened after months of strictly take-out. However, with the recent spike in cases across the state, she feels it’s like to make a change again.

As of Thursday, her restaurant which sits off Cantrell and Andover, will limit seating capacity to 25 percent, creating even more space between customers than the 2/3 recommended by the state.

“I was hoping for some stronger leadership from the governor. But, I got tired of waiting so I did it myself,” recalled Peck.

It’s a decision that will ultimately limit her profit, but she says if it keeps just one person from getting Coronavirus, it is worth it.

“Be safe, this is serious y’all. It’s very serious,” said Peck.

Peck says if the numbers continue to rise in Arkansas, she will most likely move her restaurant back to take-out only.


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