LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – With the pause on using the Johnson & Johnson vaccine nationwide a Little Rock resource center is saying the impact to vulnerable populations to the homeless is being felt.

Europe’s drug regulator has found a possible link between the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the rare blood clotting issue. Their safety committee concluded that a warning label should be added to the product.

This comes just one week after the CDC and FDA recommended the pause in distribution and now the effects are being felt locally.

Jericho Way, a resource center for the homeless, says they have canceled three weekly vaccine clinics with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.

Jericho Way Director Mandy Davis says some people can get another vaccine somewhere else, but not everyone. 

Davis says she should know more about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine within the next two weeks but says that they will switch to Pfizer or the Moderna vaccine as a solution if they don’t have an answer in that time.