LR Walmart employee tests positive for COVID-19, co-worker claims store did not protect employees


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — An employee at a Little Rock Walmart is concerned for his safety and accusing the store of not doing enough to protect employees after a coworker tested positive for COVID-19.

The employee works at the Walmart at the corner of Cantrell Avenue and Chenal Parkway.

He spoke anonymously over fears he could lose his job.

“Our managers aren’t really listening to us and we don’t have anyone to bring this to without retaliation,” the employee said.

He says management met with employees in groups that did not meet social distancing guidelines to inform them that a coworker tested positive for the virus.

“That employee is being quarantined along with a select few people,” he explained.

The employee claims the person with the virus stayed home while they waited on test results, but in the meantime several coworkers they had close contact with continued to come into work.

“The person who tested positive was out of work I believe it was like 3 days prior to them sending the rest of the people who had contact with them home,” the employee said. “Considering we share so many spaces with the other associates it’s nerve-wracking.”

Privacy laws prohibit Walmart from confirming if an employee has COVID-19 but the company says it does alert staff as soon as an employee tests positive.

A spokesperson for Walmart says corporate has laid out guidelines to handle the pandemic for all stores. That ranges from the options employees have if they feel sick, cleaning produces, and ways stores should follow the latest recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to the spokesperson, it is the responsibility of every store to follow those guidelines.

Walmart also set up a webpage for employees to easily access the information.

The employee agrees steps have been taken to protect customers, but he says the store isn’t following guidance for its staff.

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