NLRPD Sergeant dies due to complications of COVID-19


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- The North Little Rock Police Department confirms one of its sergeants has died due to complications of COVID-19.

Department officials say JL “Buck” Dancy, 62, is the first police officer in Arkansas to die in the line of duty after contracting and battling COVID-19.

Dancy was hired by NLRPD on June 24, 1985, and officials say Dancy worked in many facets of the profession during his 35-year career.

Chief of Police Tracy Roulston said, “Sgt. Dancy was The Rock of that unit. He helped young Detectives become seasoned professionals. However, I think his best attribute was his ability to lean on his faith and help the families of victims of violent crimes. He has affected so many people. We are all still in shock.”

“He would tease me every chance he got and I would give it right back to him,” said Detective Ashley Noel. “He would also offer hugs and he told me regularly how much he loved me.
I always told him I loved him more. He was one of the first people to hold my daughter. She would give him a look of confusion whenever he told her he used to hold her as a baby. Of course, she couldn’t remember. He was the first Sergeant I met on my first night of riding with an FTO. I remember going into the Levy substation, feeling like I was going to faint from being so nervous. He sat in front of me and said, ‘I know you’re scared, but don’t be. We got you. You can call me Buck.’ Since that night, I’ve always known that I could depend on him as a supervisor and as [a]
friend. I will miss him fiercely…”

“I’ve worked with “Buck” my entire career,” Roulston added. “He was a great friend that you could always depend on. One of [the] things that stands out to me the most was his ability to be a ‘father-figure’ to the younger officers. Sgt. Dancy always made it known that anyone could go to him and talk about anything. He shaped so many careers as a dependable mentor. He had a good sense of humor and was always willing to help. He would try his best to make you laugh when he thought you needed it the most. Today, the NLRPD lost a great man who truly exemplified the meaning of being a servant, not only to our community but mostly to his family and his God.”

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