LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Even though the number of available intensive care unit beds in Arkansas ticked up slightly on Thursday, relatively few are open.

There are only 36 ICU beds available in the state as of Thursday afternoon, 11 more than Wednesday, Aug. 3. But those 36 beds represent just 3 percent of the total 1,172 ICU beds in the entire state.

COVID-19 patients fill 464, which is 39.5 percent, of the total ICU beds in the state.

As of Thursday afternoon, there are currently 1,251 COVID-19-related hospitalizations in the entire state. Of the total 8,850 hospital beds in the state, just 1,733, which is 19.5 percent, are available.

More than half the ventilators in the state are still available. As of Thursday there are still 606 ventilators available in Arkansas, 56 percent of the 1,079 total. COVID-19 patients are using 266 of the available vents.