River Valley mother gives birth while fighting COVID-19


RUSSELLVILLE, Ark.- Life is back to normal for a River Valley mother; however, it was anything but just months ago.

Carlee Gray was diagnosed with COVID-19 and gave birth to her son at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Russellville.

She said she leaned on faith to get her through that time.

“That was so hard,” Gray said.

Gray was emotional reliving how she gave birth to her fourth child just weeks ago.

She said in March, she got sick and went to UAMS. They tested her for the flu and it came back negative.

“The Saturday before I go back to work, all of a sudden, I start running a 103-104 degree fever,” Gray recalled.

In her third trimester, she wasn’t getting any better. Her doctor suggested she get the coronavirus test. She went into isolation at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center as she awaited her COVID-19 test results. Doctors decided she needed to give birth early.

“I asked them if my husband could be there and they said no,” Gray recalled. “I could call him and let him know we were getting ready to have a c-section.”

The entire time, she was fighting COVID-19, and having to have her baby in a way she least expected.

“Everybody is in masks and in spacesuits, that’s what I call them,” Gray said. “I didn’t get to touch him and I saw him for a few seconds and the only the only things I could ask is how much he weighed.”

She says her son was born healthy and tested negative for coronavirus.

Her husband was asymptomatic but tested positive.

Her baby, Ramsey, had to be put alone because of the unknown illness.

“That was the worst than the isolation, worst than the virus itself was being separated from him, knowing he was alone in a little crib by himself,” Gray said.

Gray was reunited with her newborn son, her three other kids and her husband. She’s grateful for a healthy family and thankful for her faith that helped her get through COVID-19.

“My kids all love each other so much,” Gray said.

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