Schools closed for the year, but learning goes on


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – School is closed, but the instruction will go on that according to education commissioner Johnny Key.

Many issues to work through in terms of the state, such as CT testing and the state’s annual report card, which factors in ACT aspire testing and attendance amongst several other factors, but in terms of this year AMI will continue now until the end of May and Key says Arkansas PBS can provide AMI programming until the end of the month and that would allow districts time to gather a plan.

Key wants to emphasize that all students, teachers, parents and administers are going through this together and offer one key point for everyone.  

“One is to be flexible. Our schools and educators should set reasonable expectations for Time on task when developing their AMI plans. It is impractical to try to replicate the school experience when children are home,” said Key.

He says he wants the education going on right now to emphasize the core subjects:

  • Math
  • Literacy
  • Social Studies
  • Science

He also mentions that things such as Art, P.E., and Music should reinforce those subjects.

Key mentions that seniors will graduate as long as they are in good standing with the state and district. The state has not yet said if they will potentially start next school year early or not to help mitigate the lost instruction time.

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