Parents excited for schools to reopen statewide as concerns still loom over COVID-19


LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Some parents in Little Rock say they’re ready for the start of school Monday despite increased Covid-19 hospitalizations and cases. 

“We are very excited for the kids to start back again,” said Jennifer Bennet. 

Bennet says the mask mandate passed in her children’s school district made her feel better about her decision to send them back to school, but that she was wanting to send them anyway. 

Bennet and other parents say they need their children back in school for the social aspect. 

“I wanted them to have more friends and be more social,” said LRSD parent Anthony Blackwell 

Blackwell has 12-year-old twins. He said virtual learning took a toll on his children. 

“I couldn’t keep up with the typing,” said Anthony’s son Evan Blackwell. 

The same was for Bennet. 

Bennet works for a foster care program and says she had a difficult time trying to explain to her children why they had to stay at home. 

“Trying to tell them in words that they will understand, it’s difficult,” said Bennet. 

Bennet is hoping that being back face-to-face will have a positive impact on her children. 

“They just see each other all day long and us and so having them back in the classroom, they have that interaction with their teachers, their peers and maybe make new friends that they don’t have here,” said Bennet. 

Bennet says they will still take precautions to keep their kids safe. 

“[We’re doing] temperature checks every morning and every evening and even asking ‘ok how do you feel,” said Bennet. 

At least for these parents though, they say getting back to normal is at the top of their list. 

Some parents have still chosen to keep their kids home. 

LRSD said there are about 1,100 kids in the district that have signed up for virtual learning. 

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