LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — President Trump’s address coming not long after Governor Asa Hutchinson announced three more presumptive positive cases in the state, bringing the total to nine.

For example, Governor Hutchinson said there’s more than 800 calls that get backed up at the call center with people calling asking for answers.

Here in Arkansas, the state is also stepping up its responses.

“The choice we make, the precautions we put into place are critical to overcoming the virus,” said President Trump.

A pandemic, now a national emergency. On March, 13 President Trump made plans to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

The president is calling on every state to set up emergency operation centers immediately with every hospital in the nation also implementing emergency preparedness plans.

“We have an incident command center populated by UAMS leadership,” said Rawle Seupaul the UAMS Chief Clinical Officer.

UAMS said that’s exactly what it’s been preparing to do.

“Our emergency operation center has been open for 48 hours,” said Seupaul.

And at the state level Governor Hutchinson taking steps to protect Arkansans after an additional three presumptive positive cases were announced bringing the state total to nine.

“We’re moving resources to the call center as well as move additional equipment,” said Gov. Hutchinson.

Governor Hutchinson added 10 additional lab positions to be filled immediately. He also moved more people to man the call center to help with telehealth something President Trump also talked about on Friday, March 13.

“They need to have the ability in this urgent time to be able to communicate by telephone and to carry out their responsibilities in there profession,” said Gov. Hutchinson.

Gov. Hutchinson also said he will likely issue another amendment for telehealth if we see more cases.

Meanwhile the partial travel ban for people traveling to the U.S. from Europe goes into effect at midnight eastern time.