UAMS medical students help gather PPE for hospitals, clinics


LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Medical students across the country are taking the shortage of personal protective equipment into their own hands, including a few in Arkansas.

Students are tracking down donations to keep hospital workers safe.

Scrolling through UAMS’s Twitter, you will see dozens of tweets touting personal protective gear donations.

“Calling people, looking for potential businesses that would have PPE,” explains Sophia Ly, a UAMS medical student.

Some of the big donations include a mask drop off from Bass Pro Shop, are thanks to the hard work of medical students like Ly.

“When I was just getting started, it was a full-time job for me,” Ly says. “I spent basically my entire days tracking people down.”

Ly is part of MedSupplyDrive, a network of medical students across the country on the hunt for extra PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Ly, MedSupplyDrive started at Georgetown University School of Medicine, but is comprised of over 400 volunteers across 42 different states.

The main executive board team for MedSupplyDrive in Little Rock is comprised of UAMS medical students Sophia Ly, Nick Shumate, Moira Moore, Hailey Hardgrave, Sydney Rodgers, Alexandra Diaz-Cruz, Liza Hill, and Kelsey Renard.​

“Health care workers have been trained to do their work with PPE, and without PPE, they are putting their lives at risk while wanting to care for the patient,” says Ly.

All the phone calls and emails are finally paying off and protecting her potential future coworkers and the people they serve.

“We’ve gotten to the point where we have been able to donate to over 15 clinics and hospitals,” Ly says.

Ly says UAMS is always looking for PPE donations and they accept them daily.

For more information on MedSupplyDrive, click here.

To contact MedSupplyDrive in Arkansas, email, or find them on Facebook and follow MedSupplyDrive Arkansas on Twitter for updates.

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