County Judge Apologizes for, Deletes Facebook Comment Addressing Spray Used to Kill Roadside Vegetation

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FOUNTAIN LAKE, AR – Concerns over a spray used to stop vegetation growth along Garland County roads has sparked a heated online debate. It ended with the County Judge apologizing for and deleting a Facebook comment directed toward complaints.

Garland County Judge Rick Davis says the Road Department has to spray because it only has two of their own crews and two contracted crews to mow both sides of about 1000 miles of county roads. 

In his Facebook post explaining those details, Judge Davis suggested people will b*** if it’s sprayed and b*** if it’s not mowed.

Many people took their concerns to a Facebook page for the Fountain Lake Community in northern Garland County. They questioned the use of a spray that they worry will work its way into their water.

“We just don’t want that,” Valerie Oliver said. “A lot of us are still on wells. We don’t want it seeping into the ground.”

The concerns, speculation and finger pointing mounted up enough for Judge Davis to take notice and post this, 

” … Many of you b*** if it’s sprayed, or b*** if it’s not mowed. I don’t see anyone offering logical solutions or proposing a tax so that we can put mowers on every road to satisfy individual complaints. … I’m telling many of you to “man-up” and communicate appropriately.”

Judge Davis Wednesday (6/3) deleted the comment, apologized, and suggested people take their concerns straight to his departments rather than Facebook. 

His apology post read,

“To those who I offended with a recent post, please accept my apology. I’m afraid it was the heat of the moment. I have taken the post down. If you have questions or requests related to road issues, please contact the Garland County Road Department. If you do not receive communication from them in a reasonable period of time, you may contact me at or 501-622-3600, ext. 7.”

Over the phone Thursday he explained the spray is EPA approved and distributed by a licensed and insured company the County contracts.

He says if anyone calls asking the County to stop spraying they will stop. However, he says the County receives more calls from people requesting the spray than not.

The County did not make the name of the spray immediately available by news time.

We asked the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department if they use similar sprays. They do as well in Garland County and around the State on areas that can’t be mowed. 

That list can be found in the document attached.

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