Couple Paid $6,000 for Unfinished Window Work, Contractor Denies Wrongdoing


SHERWOOD, Ark. — Leaky windows led one family to lose about 6,000 dollars in what they believe is a scam. 

Old windows sit on the side of a veteran’s mobile home in Sherwood — signs of work still needing to be done. 

“He just wrecked havoc basically.”

The home owner wanted to hide her identity, but her frustration with a contractor is clear. 

“He was not doing what he said he was going to do, and I realized that and I kept going on with him hoping that he would,” she says.

With her common-law husband, Jimmy, in hospice care, she needed her leaky windows fixed. 

Her neighbor Kathy Raines posted on a neighborhood Facebook page she trusted, looking for help. 

“Eddie replied back within 30 seconds, ‘This is all I do,'” Raines says.

Eddie Scott was hired to fix the window frames after the family bought the windows. 

“[Of] course he said he was licensed and bonded,” Raines says.

They say he quoted them 600 dollars, but no contract was signed. 

“I started giving him more money and more money because he was saying he needed materials,” the woman says.

In all, they paid about 6,000 dollars for repairs that they say didn’t happen. 

“That was a lie,” Eddie Scott told us over the phone. 

“We stopped the roof from leaking. We leveled the house up. We replaced the studs in the wall. We went way on our means,” Scott says.

But, the family says those things never happened. 

“I think this guy took advantage of her because I’m sick,” Jimmy, who’s in hospice said. 

Scott says he’s sick too, and is not licensed. 

“We’re not now, but I don’t do a darn thing because I got COPD,” he said admitting the work will never be finished because of his disability. 

The couple says they were never made aware of the health issues Scott faced. 

Now the couple says they’re left to find money to pay for someone else to finish the work.

“I hope there’s justice brought to it and he don’t scam anybody else like he has me,” she said. 

Eddie Scott and the couple have come to an agreement that he will pay them back 3,000 dollars after he receives back-pay for his disability. 

He says it’s repaying the labor costs and he had paid other people to do the work, but it was a bad job. 

The couple says they are not sure when they may see the money and are prepared to go to court if it’s not paid back by October 1. 

Remember, always ask to see licenses and insurance for any contractors. 

Always sign a contract. 

Never pay money upfront. 

The couple says they wanted to be trusting but are now in a frustrating back and forth where there are few legal protections for either party.

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