LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – An unusual case out of West Little Rock, crooks break into a garage while a family is sleeping inside the home. The culprits get in with the push of a button. 

Anthony Gunter and Ronnie Stover were quickly arrested and are facing a number of charges. The homeowner says Stover first broke into his garage weeks ago and came back for more. 

Homeowner Josh Barg works hard to keep his home secure. Everything from padlocks to cameras. However, they weren’t enough to keep two thieves away early Wednesday morning.

Barg says how they got in is brazen. 

“They broke out my son’s window and grabbed my son’s garage door opener and spent an hour and a half combing through my stuff and picking choosing what they wanted,” Barg said. 

You can see in surveillance video, they took a camo jacket and golf clubs. They even came out of the garage on the back of a dirt bike. 

“If you saw where they had to go to get my kids motorcycles, they spent a lot of time,” Barg said. 

All this, while his family was sleeping inside. 

“When they start invading your privacy and coming onto your property, it’s a little more personal,” Barg said. “I’m just enough redneck to take actions into my own hands.” 

Lt. Steven McClanahan with Little Rock Police says the department doesn’t typically see crooks getting inside homes by stealing garage door openers. 

“You just don’t see that very often. It does happen, but it’s very rare,” McClanahan said. 

He says the family was able to call police and Gunter and Stover were quickly taken into custody. 

“Luckily in this case we arrested two people,” McClanahan said. 

Barg says he’s locking his home down even more now, but always remember to keep a watchful eye. 

“If they worked as hard as criminals as we do as people, they wouldn’t be in this situation,” Barg said. 

Luckily, the family was able to get most their stuff back. Police remind people, if you have a garage door opener and park outside, just try to hide it in your car or take it inside at night.