Danville PD Say Dummy Hanging from Bridge is Prank, Nothing More

DANVILLE, AR — After a fake body was found hanging from a bridge in Danville, police say it was a Halloween prank and nothing more.

Some people believe the bridge itself played a role in the prank, as city employees say the legend around town is that the bridge was once used for public hangings.

The bridge was originally near Petit Jean, but was recently moved to just outside Danville’s city hall.

Despite the bridge’s connection to old urban legends, city employees say they were a little taken aback when they arrived to work to see the dummy hanging from a noose.

Although some claim this prank had racial undertones, Danville police say that’s simply not true.

“That’s all it was, a Halloween prank, and we feel like no threat or nothing, just the background of the bridge, they thought it’d be funny and put it up,” Sgt. Det. Ken Jackson says. “So we feel like no threat or nothing whatsoever.”

Police wouldn’t elaborate, but did say they have an idea who is responsible.

No charges are expected, as police say the incident was simply a prank, and the case ends here.

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