Dardanelle facebook group helps those most vulnerable to Coronavirus


DARDANELLE, Ark. – The community of Dardanelle is coming together to help those most vulnerable to the Coronavirus. There is now a Facebook group for those 65 and older or with medical conditions as a way to get what they need without ever leaving their home.

With just a simple post, the City of Dardanelle is making sure those who need to stay indoors, do just that.

“Don’t put yourself in jeopardy when you can easily get this taken care of and not be exposed to this virus,” Dardanelle Mayo Jimmy Witt said.

Right now, those 65 and older and those with medical conditions are urged to stay at home and avoid contact because they are the most susceptible to the COVID-19.

“We want you to be safe,” Witt said.

That’s why city leaders created this Facebook Group as a way those at risk can get what they need from the comfort of their own home.

“Us younger folks that are a little bit healthier and out of the way of trouble can get out there and help them,” City Councilman Rashad Woods said.

With volunteers mixed in the group, those afraid to get out can request meals, groceries, you name it.

“I put on there ‘hey I need baby formula for a family’ within two minutes we had plenty for the rest of the week,” Woods said.

Now, this group has more than 680 members and counting. Some are asking for help but most are just willing to give it.

“These people are literally possibly risking their lives taking care of our own people,” Witt said.

“When the need is out there we meet it,” Woods said.

If you are in need you can either join the Facebook group and post there or call City Hall. If you are a volunteer you can join the group and comment on the posts asking for help. The group is called Dardanelle Home Bound, Coronavirus.

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