Dardanelle Family Fights to Have Pets Returned by City

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DARDANELLE, AR — A central Arkansas family is desperately trying to get their pets back after they were seized because of a breed ban.

“It’s like losing your kids,” said Brandi Harshberger, the dogs’ owner.

Harshberger said her dogs Titan and Michaelangelo are more than just pets.

“I treat em like my kids. I feed them, I bathe them, I play with them,” said Harshberger.

Animal control seized the two dogs last week. The mother of three has been spending the passing days working to bring them home.

“Fighting it. I’ve called them, tried to talked to them. I went down and seen a lawyer. I went to the mayor,” said Harshberger.

The town has an ordinance banning pit bulls. But Harshberger says the town told her to get the dogs inspected by a vet.

“This is a letter from Dr. Davis who observed the dogs and states they are less than 50% pit bull,” said Harshberger.

The mayor said she did not want comment. Animal control officials said the same. When Dardanelle Police were asked for directions to the animal control center they said they couldn’t tell us.

“It’s bad, I’ve cried. I threw a fit with them and they told me not to cry,” said Harshberger.

Now Harshberger has hired a lawyer. She says the Mayor told her they they will have a meeting soon.
Until then, this pet owner says she won’t give up until she’s reunited with these two faces.

“Keep the fight. I am going to keep fighting for them.” said Harshberger.

Harshberger says although the mayor contacted her and told her they will hold a meeting, the mayor did not say when or where.

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