LOGAN COUNTY, Ark.- Logan County Deputies arrest a man wanted on suspicion on two stabbings and other crimes.

According to a post from the Logan County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, Richard Beebe, 54, was arrested Wednesday night on Garner Lane in the Delaware community.

Logan County deputies say Beebe allegedly stabbed a person in Delaware in December.


Beebe was also wanted in connection to a stabbing in Dardanelle.

According to the Facebook post the Yell County Sheriff’s Office received a tip from someone saying Beebe was at a home on Garner Lane.

Investigators and deputies went to the home and found Beebe hiding under a bed and was arrested, according to the Facebook post.

Investigators say Beebe is also accused of ramming his girlfriend’s car while she was inside in September.

Beebe faces numerous charges, including felony aggravated assault on a family or household member and a felony failure to appear out of Beckham County, Oklahoma.


DARDANELLE, Ark. – The Dardanelle Police Department is investigating a stabbing at a gas station Saturday and the suspect is still on the run. It happened at the Exxon on Union Street. Police say a man saw someone hitting a woman outside of the convenience store. He jumped into action, tackling the attacker to the ground. During the struggle, the man was stabbed.

Security cameras show the exact moment Eric Ringer saw a man hit a woman outside a Dardanelle gas station.

“I saw him punch her in the face and I saw she had a young boy in her arms,” Ringer said.

Without hesitation, Ringer jumped into action.

“I just dropped everything I had in my hands and took off running at him,” Ringer said.

He tackled the attacker. During the struggle, police say the suspect pulled a knife.

“He stabbed me twice in my leg and I threw him to the ground and I hadn’t even realized I had been stabbed yet,” Ringer said.

In the video, the man runs to a truck and takes off.

“That’s when I looked at myself and seen the blood shooting out,” Ringer said.

That’s when Ringer’s adrenaline started to fade.

“My leg it made me drop to the ground. I couldn’t put my weight on it no more,” Ringer said.

A friend helped tie a tourniquet and rushed him to the hospital.

“I was nervous, I was scared, I was afraid I was going to bleed to death,” Ringer said.

Police say Ricky Beebe or Richard Allen Beebe is still on the loose. He’s been wanted for some time after not showing up to a court date in July 2019. Just a few weeks ago he was accused of another stabbing in Logan County.

“He needs to be off the streets that’s for sure. I hope they get him really soon,” Ringer said.

Now, Ringer is home and he’s had time to reflect on what many are calling a heroic action.

“Well, maybe not a hero but like I said I like to think I did what most people should do,” Ringer said.

Even with two stab wounds in his thigh, Ringer said he’d do it again.

“I can’t stand by and let something like that happen,” Ringer said.

He should be back on his feet in a couple of weeks. Police checked multiple places Beebe is known to stay but still haven’t found him. The community is urged to be on the lookout and if you see him call police immediately.