Dardanelle police search for naked man caught on video approaching woman


DARDANELLE, Ark.- Dardanelle police are investigating a bizarre case.

Surveillance video from outside of a 24-hour laundromat shows a naked man walk across the parking lot and approach a woman as she’s about to get into her car.

“He had his hands between his legs,” says Dardanelle Police Chief Wilson Short, “I guess covering what doesn’t need to be seen.”

In the video you see after he approaches her, he doesn’t linger long.

“She kicked him and apparently it was between the legs [and] he immediately turned around and ran off,” says Chief Wilson.

The woman wasn’t hurt but despite sending officers out to look for him, police never found the man. Now they are asking anyone who might have some information about who he is to contact Dardanelle PD.

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