Day 2 of Trial Against Man Accused of Running Over Emergency Responders Wraps Up

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Trial Day 2

LITTLE ROCK, AR —  On Wednesday, jurors watched graphic video from the night a driver struck and killed a fire captain on a Jacksonville highway in March 2012.

Two other emergency responders were severely injured in that crash, in which Bryce Allen Junior faces one count of first-degree murder and two counts of attempted first-degree murder.

There have been a lot of Jacksonville firefighters and police officers present during the trial.

Wednesday proved to be a particularly trying day for them as well as family members because prosecutors played video from the dash camera of the police car showing the van driven by Allen plowing into the three emergency responders.

The prosecution says Allen did it on purpose, and Arkansas State Police investigator testified that “A small dip in the rear of the vehicle shows Allen accelerated before impact.”

One of the family members in the audience was John Jones brother of Donnie Jones who was killed that day.

“We just want to see that he’s taken off the streets and incapable of causing harm to any other public servants or the public itself,” John Jones said.

Allen’s attorneys are using the insanity defense,  and called the doctor from the state hospital who testified Allen  is bipolar and suffers from manic episodes.

The defense will continue presenting its case Thursday morning.

Trial Day 1

LITTLE ROCK, AR — Testimony is set to resume Wednesday morning in the trial of the man accused of running over two Jacksonville firefighters and a Jacksonville police officer two years ago. One of the firefighters, Capt. Donnie Jones, was killed and the two others were severely injured.

On Wednesday, prosecutors plan to show video taken from a police dash camera that shows the March 2012 incident.

Tuesday afternoon, Jurors heard from the cop and a firefighter who survived the incident.

They said Bryce Allen ran them down in his minivan as they tended to a traffic accident involving Allen’s mother along Highway 161 in Jacksonville.

During the defense opening statement, Allen’s attorney said her client suffers from bipolar disorder and was legally insane at the time of the incident.

She pointed out Allen didn’t know the officer or firefighters and had no motive to harm them.

The courtroom was packed with Jacksonville firefighters and police officers as well as Jones’ family members.

Judge Barry Sims said testimony will resume at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

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