Day 3: Hundreds of Volunteers Continue Search for Malik Drummond

SEARCY, AR – While most volunteers have gone home, law enforcement officers are still out here searching for Malik Drummond.

“It’s reached a frustrating point,” says Searcy Police Chief Jeremy Clark.

Two full days of searching and still no sign of two-year-old Malik Drummond.

“There are so many scenarios that are possible, criminal activity is certainly a possibility,” says Chief Clark.

The Searcy Police Chief says there’s no evidence proving someone took Malik, but nothing has been ruled out.

“If he wandered off and was hunkered down or hiding we should have found him so what else happened,” says Chief Clark.

Regardless of what may have happened, search volunteers are persistent in their efforts.

There are nearly 15 square miles here in the city of Searcy, and volunteers plan to search each and every one and they’re prepared to do that with supplies as it gets dark out, like flashlights, batteries and hand warmers.

Even after the sun set volunteers trudged on, searching everything from drains to ditches.

We talked to one volunteer who says he’s been putting his boy scout skills to use in the search for Malik

“I’ve learned from summer camp not to touch the evidence that you find, so every time we see something that may be evidence I say ‘Hey don’t touch it!’,” says volunteer Seth Brown.

Entire families working together side-by-side, complete strangers bonded together by a little boy they hope will be back home before the next moon.

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