Democratic Party of Arkansas addresses allegations made against Chairman in Saturday meeting


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LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-Democratic Party of Arkansas Chairman Michael John Gray in the hot seat after strong allegations were made against him and the organization.

A blog about politics named the Blue Hog Report published a series of article which resulted in the Ethics Commission launching a investigation into Chairman Gray.

The Democratic Party held a state committee meeting on Saturday morning.

Some board members expressed shock over the allegations made against the DPA, saying they needed to be addressed with everyone.

Earlier this week the DPA hired Shults and Adams, a law firm to conduct an initial investigation.

“I’m here and I’m the chairman and I’m happy to address any questions,” Gray said.

It was a packed house Saturday morning at the Philander Smith College in Little Rock.

“There is a lot to talk about and I know we are anxious to get to it,” Gray said.

Senator Joyce Elliott chaired the meeting.

“I am here all about business,” Elliott said.

An article published on the Blue Hog Report by Matt Campbell says Chairman Gray failed to properly file financial reports from his 2018 campaign for state representative.

“I think that report was an attack. All of what was in it was either mischaracterization or was false,” Vivian Flowers, of Pine Bluff, said.

The Blue Hog Report also alleges chairman Gray used campaign funds for personal reasons.

“I am confident that any issue with my campaign finance reports will be found to be a clerical error. I will categorical say that I have never campaign funds for personal gain,” Gray said.

In a 13-page report board members discussed everything from the DPA’s 2018 first-quarter report, to federal election commission fines and payments.

They also discussed salary increases for a board member without executive committee approval along with improper report notarizations.

“I think it’s human error. We are all humans we all make mistakes and that was shown here. You can’t throw someone under the bus because they made a mistake,” Brittaney Stockton who represents Logan County.

Board members asked questions about the findings and asked chairman Gray for clarifications.

At the end of the meeting, board members voted to bring in an independent auditor to address the DPA’s fiances.

The law firm Shults and Adams will still conduct it’s own investigation.

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