Details Emerge in Killing of Former AR Drug Agent

PERRY COUNTY, AR — New details are emerging in the killing of a former Arkansas drug task force agent early Sunday morning in Perry County.

It was around 1:30 in the morning when folks up on Wye Mountain heard the sound of gunfire like they’d never heard before.

“Something just didn’t sound right,” said Carol Steffer who heard the gun shots ring out.

Steffer moved to her quiet country home to get away from the hustle and bustle of Dallas

She was up early Sunday morning, when gunfire erupted.  It was different than what she usually hears from hunters.

“The shots were so much louder and so much more rapid,” she said.

Steffer called 911 and when Perry County deputies showed up to the intersection of Highway 113 and Baylor House Road they found 48-year-old Michael Steele dead, slumped against a vehicle with a gun shot wound to the chest.

“It just seems so shocking,” Steffer said.

Steele was a former drug task force agent once quoted in a 2004 people magazine article about Arkansas’ meth epidemic.

Details on how he died are coming to light in an arrest affidavit for his nephew, 24-year-old Tony Tuck, who told police he chased after and shot at the vehicle containing the person who killed Steele.

“You don’t expect people to be hunting people,” Steffer said.

Perry County Sheriff officials say the incident started with a fight during a party.

Ever since those shots cracked through the air, Steffer says she hasn’t been the same.

“I haven’t been to sleep yet except for a few minutes last evening,” she said.

So far, there have been no arrests made for Steele’s murder.  Investigators say witnesses have been interviewed and a case file will turned over to prosecutors.

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