Digital Original: Athletic amputee lost $75k on cancelled trip but keeps positive outlook


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Life can be full of surprises. 

Especially if your $75,000 trip had suddenly been canceled last minute.

That is exactly what happened to Jeff Glasbrenner, an athletic amputee. He and a group of explorers paid fortunes for a dream adventure to visit the North Pole when it suddenly took a turn for what many would consider the worst. 

Forced to go home, Glasbrenner is taking this experience as a positive instead of a negative. 

“Next year I am already signed up,” explains Glasbrenner. “I am going to start training. I am going to start dragging tires in the neighborhood again. I actually am going to be more prepared this time around.” 

The trip to the North Pole got canceled because of a political squabble between Russia and Ukraine about operations at a base camp. 

Glasbrenner is an athletic amputee. He lost his leg at eight years old in a traumatic farming accident but doesn’t let them stop him from keeping a positive outlook on life. 

“It gave me a moment to step back and appreciate each day,” says Glasbrenner. “I know what to expect, I know what to feel and I know that’s going to happen for me in the future.” 

Glasbrenner says it is not about what was lost but instead what was gained. 

“You have the power to control how you are going to perceive your circumstances – I chose to look at it as a positive, a learning experience,” Glasbrenner says. “It was a very expensive training camp.” 

When Glasbrenner is not traveling the world he stays active as a motivational speaker, an author, a three-time Paralympian and a two-time World Champion. He’s completed 25 Ironman distance triathlons and has won numerous races in his division.

Although travel insurance will cover the majority of the cost, Glasbrenner plans to return next year to complete his mission. 

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