Digital Original: A bank president spends 7th Thanksgiving carving turkeys for the homeless


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Thanksgiving is a time for spreading holiday cheer and giving thanks for what we have.

One Little Rock man is showing that sometimes it isn’t money that will solve the problem but your time.

Charlie Dixon is a Senior Vice President of Capital Markets Group Bank in Little Rock.

For the past seven years, he’s been volunteering his time to help carve turkeys for Thanksgiving meals at the Compassion Center.

He says coming here does more for him than he believes he can ever give back.

“I started carving them every year and enjoying feeding the homeless and watching them come in and it just really filled my heart.”

Dixon get’s his expertise of carving from his hunting experience

Dixon arrives at six each morning to start carving. On average he says he carves about 70 turkeys a day.

To learn more about the Compassion Center click here.

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