LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – As many as 1 in 9 men will receive a prostate cancer diagnosis in his lifetime.

“It is the single most common cancer diagnosis for men and very important topic we need to talk about,” says Greg Feltus, a 14-year prostate cancer survivor.

Feltus from Little Rock, along with members of the community joined together inside the Robinson Center in Little Rock, to help declare September as Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

The proclamation presented by Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. was greeted with applause after he spoke about the importance of prostate cancer screenings.

Feltus spoke at the awareness event and shared his story about early detection and how it helped save his life.

Greg Feltus, a 14-year prostate cancer survivor

He says he was glad to see more attention being focused on early screenings amid of a global pandemic.

“The early detection of it is what can save your life it can be very devastating if you don’t get in front of it and it can be fatal,” Feltus explains. “It’s really important to get the screenings.”

Feltus hopes that by talking about the importance of early detection, more men will see the seriousness behind getting routine screenings.

“Since I was 30 years old, I have been routinely screened for this,” he explains. “If men can get ahead of this then we could have more survivors.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data suggest men across the U.S. are not getting regular prostate screenings, likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many health officials are concerned because if prostate cancer is detected early it is survivable in most cases.

“Pay attention, don’t be embarrassed, go get screened and make sure and make sure you’re ahead in that and that you’re not delayed in doing that because it is critical to survival,” says Feltus.

Throughout the month of September, the Arkansas Urology will host free men’s health screening at various locations.

Those interested can call 501-320-9122 to register for a free screening at the following locations.

Little Rock– Sept. 1 (5-8 p.m.)
1300 Centerview Drive Little Rock, AR 72211

Pine Bluff – Sept. 15 (5:30-7:30 p.m.)
1801 W. 40th, 1B Pine Bluff AR 71603

El Dorado– Sept. 21 (5:30-7:30 p.m.)
619 N. Newton Ave El Dorado, AR 71730

North Little Rock – Sept. 24 (5-8 p.m.)
4200 Stockton Dr North Little Rock, AR 72117

Bentonville – Sept. 28 (5:30-7:30 p.m.
3400 SE Macy Rd Ste. #18 Bentonville AR 72712

Arkansas Urology is working with the Arkansas Department of Health to ensure proper COVID-19 precautions are in place for patients arriving to the screening.

People attending are asked to remain in their vehicle to be screened for COVID-19. All patients will receive a temperature check and questionnaire.

In order to practice safe social distancing, staff will check in patients via an online portal and patients will be instructed to remain in their car until they are notified to come in for their prostate cancer screening.

Upon entering Arkansas Urology, each patient will be required to practice social distancing, as well as wear a mask.

For more information on Arkansas Urology, click here.

Greg Feltus, 69, is happy to be living his life to the fullest.