Digital Original: Benton community finds great way to ease anxiety

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BENTON, Ark – One Central Arkansas community has thought of a great way to help ease anxiety and possible cabin fever, while keeping in mind the need to practice social distancing.

Laura Castro is from Benton. She and her neighbors have been practicing social distancing, however, they understand the importance of getting outdoors.

The neighbors thought it would be a creative idea to have an outdoor scavenger hunt.

They are called the “bear hunt” neighbors, as they have been placing stuffed animals either in their front porch or front window; while families search for them from a distance and later tally the number found.

Castro says its times like these that remind us of community and humanity.

“We have a great community here and this is just another way that everyone is coming together to help families because of everyday life.” says Laura Castro.

Other Benton neighbors have been posting their scavenger hunt pictures on their community Facebook page.

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