Digital Original: Co-workers shave heads at the office in a show of solidarity for recent worker’s breast cancer diagnosis

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – One local woman is feeling the love and support from her co-workers after they surprised her by shaving their heads at work in a show of support of her recent cancer diagnosis.

Norma Lopez is the front desk receptionist at Perfect Vision in Little Rock.

As the first person most clients see — her appearance has always been a priority for her.

However, Lopez recently was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After one chemotherapy treatment, Norma’s hair started falling out.

While she had plans for a close friend to shave her head that night, word got back to her co-workers, who decided they would surprise her.

“That day showed me when I came to work and that they were ready to step up and stand by me – I didn’t feel alone anymore,” says Lopez.

Lopez said she was grateful to her co-workers for shaving their heads. She also recently was told that other clients and vendors heard about her story and did the same.

In total, 12 coworkers decided to join in, including the company’s CEO.

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