Digital Original: Cyber criminals impersonating school emails with fake and harmful links

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Better Business Bureau Arkansas is seeing an uptick in scams and cybercrimes, with people getting fake links that appear they may be coming from your child’s school or educational institution.

Now with the majority of people working from home and schools, more people are transferring online. 

The BBB president and CEO Janet Robb say they are getting more tips about people being potentially hacked via links.

Some reports claim these hackers are causing disruption to the electronic devices making it inoperable.

Robb is urging Arkansans to be cautious. 

“More people are operations remote. So we are getting very comfortable with doing that, but when you get comfortable sometimes you let your guard down,” says Robb. “And you don’t want to let your guard down click on a link that may infect your computer with a virus and that’s the computer that your child needs to do their school work and so now you compounded the problem.”

Robb says to protect from this you can verify by calling or creating a new email you can send to the school to ensure the link was sent by them but never just reply to the email.

For more information on how to protect yourself from cyber crimes, click here

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