Digital Original: 11-year-old with rare disease bullied out of school – then lands a book deal

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SHERWOOD, Ark. – It’s every parent’s worst nightmare …. bullying.

The Bruorton family of Sherwood already knew it was something they might have to face one day when their son, Alex, was born with CLOVES syndrome. It’s a disfiguring and extremely rare growth disorder.

Alex Bruorton, 11, now takes virtual classes online at Arkansas Virtual Academy from his home, because he was viciously bullied in school for looking different.

However, the sun is shining a little brighter in his room these days now that he is a soon-to-be author of his own book. It’s a book that he hopes will hopefully help people understand that being different is okay.

“I look different than anybody in the world,” says Alex. “There are like three or four people that have this on their face.”

His book isn’t expected to be released until next year but already has a working title, “Rally the Story of Bullying.”

Alex is working with illustrators and writer Anthony Zuiker, best known as the creator of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

The syndrome affects about 150 people worldwide.

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