CONWAY, Ark. – Many of us of already seen, used, or at least heard of online tools such as Google Classroom or Zoom.

However, with updates continuously happening to these resources it can be cumbersome if you have to quickly learn how to use them for work or school.

Coupled in a tech-driven climate that seems to always be changing, it can be stressful if you are having to use these tools.

“The hardest part about transition to online classrooms from in-person meetings to online is now you have a bridge to fill with technology,” explains Tyler Tarver, creator of “If you don’t understand if you don’t understand where to step on that bridge or where to build that bridge – well there comes that level of frustration that comes before even learning begins.”

Tarver is first and foremost an educator he says. He’s the dean at NLC College in Conway.

“I do it because I try to be a good digital citizen,” says Tarver.

With more than 15 million views between his two YouTube channels, he says he hopes what he does is helping people understand how to navigate a sometimes confusing virtual world.

“I just love trying to help students and teachers learn and grow in whatever realm of education that’s in that’s what I try to lean into. Build a library for people to use.”

His free educational videos range from topics on math to Google classroom and everything in between. His overall objective is to empower people to be a hero in their classrooms.

“I want teachers and students to have fun. Everything I do I run it through that funnel and I want to educate them,” he says. “

Traver is an author and a Google Certified Trainer. He speaks at conferences across the country on various topics on teaching and remote learning, social media, and technology.

To learn more about Tarver and his videos, click here.