New survey COVID-19 pandemic impacts rise in substance abuse

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic may not always be easy for some people –and with May being Mental Health Awareness Month one group is hoping to help those find relief in a time when it maybe scary to ask for help.

Stacey Henson is a licensed clinical social worker with Advanced Recovery Systems and works with people with mental health issues.

Henson says people have faced a number of problems, from losing a job to caring for kids at home – and some not being able to see loved ones in person.

She says this new survey shows the stark reality of people turning to substances both legal and illegal to find relief.

However, friends, family, and even coworkers have a responsibility to help look after their community.

“It’s like anything. It’s like a pot on the back of the stove if you let it boil it’s going to boil over – right? And so if we don’t address it and if we aren’t proactive about it we may have more – you know – lost in revenue from workers who are missing work,” says Henson.

According to the survey, 87% of people have said they are more likely to use alcohol heavily during this time – some even admitting using while working from home.

Also, 65% of people who are unemployed are more likely to resort to drug use and 57% more likely to become dependent on the drugs they resort to.

For more information on ways to find help, click here.

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