Digital Original: Sadfishing is reeling in children, creating concerns

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Sadfishing…have you heard of it?

You may have seen it online and not even have known it.

It’s a social media trend that is quickly gaining the attention of parents and some educators.

Children are taking to social media to vent or even share their personal problems.

But are these problems always real or are these posts just a cry for attention?

Family Therapist Dr. Howard Turney says he hopes more parents understand risks their children might be taking to gain attention.

“There have been situations where youth cried for help and didn’t get it and took their own lives. So, I think we have to be in tune to what’s going on so those things don’t happen,” he explains.

Dr. Turney says sad-fishing turns social media into a dangerous environment where teens can get sucked into negative thought patterns, creating the potential to develop mental health issues.

Click here for some helpful tools on how to talk to your child about this trend.

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