LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — A new Safety Alert says more 100-thousand unsafe airbags on Arkansas roads — that’s according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration —- and more alarming is that folks seem to be ignoring the recall letters sent by dealers. 

As Arkansas resident prepares to hit the road for labor day weekend — lawyer Patrick Juneau says Before anyone gets behind the wheel, it’s critical they check if their vehicle’s airbag has been recalled — even if it has been previously repaired.

Juneau has been advocating for drivers and says Progress has been made in repairing recalled airbags; however, there are still more than 12 million unrepaired airbags on U.S. roads.

“And I think what is happened we’ve become numb about when we get communications. We say well that’s just another communication and we pitch it and I think that’s what’s happening across the country, said Juneau.

NHTSA shows that long-term exposure to high heat and humidity can cause a defective part inside the airbag to explode when the airbag deploys, potentially shooting sharp metal fragments at the driver and passengers — this can lead to sometimes serious injury or death.

Owners can call their dealerships to find out if their vehicle’s airbag has been recalled and immediately schedule a repair – free of charge.

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