Discussion gets heated about the future of the LRSD


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It was another heated discussion at Tuesday’s public meeting to address the future of the Little Rock School District.

This is the third time The Board of Education has met and allowed the public to give their input.

The meeting was held at Saint Mark Baptist Church, and it was a lot going on.

It was a packed house with standing room only as people went back and forth with the Board of Education.

The majority of the crowd was not happy with the format of the meeting, but people say they are not taking no for an answer.

The board held four break-out sessions for people to give their input and discuss ideas.

A handful of people and members met in two of the rooms but, the other two were empty.

“Absolutely not I mean again this is supposed to be a public meeting and in the public meeting the people have spoken just like they did last night and people said they didn’t want to be divided and conquered,” Dr. Anika Whitfield said.

People in the crowd and board members went back and forth yelling and arguing with each other for an hour.

“We demand local control for the Little Rock School District Ana we want it now. We want a democratic elected board November 2019,” Dr. Whitfield said.

People were also upset that the Education Commissioner has not attended any of the meetings.

“I want say to Johnny Keys that he needs to show up,” Dr. Whitfield said.

Students also expressed their frustration and just wanted the board to give them local control.

“We are demanding it we are not asking for it anymore it’s been 5 years that five years is up,” Erica Conley said.

There is still a lot to discuss including the exit criteria for the district and schools that are failing.

People say they’re not giving up.

“We are in it to win it, we’ve been in it since January 28 2015,” says Dr. Anika Whitfield who is the Co-Chair of Grass Roots Arkansas.

The next meeting will be on Thursday at Longley Baptist Church at 9900 Geyer Springs Road from 5:30-8:30 p.m.

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