Dogs in LR Zoo attack may be responsible for others

LITTLE ROCK, AR – The Little Rock Zoo says it has increased the amount of traps around its perimeter.

The extra measures come after five farm animals were killed Thursday by at least two wild dogs that managed to get inside the fence.

Now FOX16 has learned a similar style attack struck a community garden earlier this week.

The Victory Garden on 7th and Valentine was quiet Friday afternoon. But Wednesday morning Ryan Boswell tells FOX16 he found seven dead chickens, two ducks and two rabbits littering the Capital View community garden.

Three chickens still in the coup are the only three animals left in the Victory Garden after the dogs attacked and killed every other animal that was here.

About 24 hours before the Little Rock Zoo discovered four goats and a sheep dead. Zoo employees actually spotted the dogs responsible but couldn’t catch them.

Over at Dunbar Garden on 18th and Chester, a remembrance sign is up for “Kid” and “Play” the gardens two goats killed last week by wild dogs.

“We usually teach science classes out here. For the last week and a half every class has been talking about what happened,” Damian Thompson says.

Right now Little Rock Animal Control believes the dogs that struck Dunbar Garden may not be the same ones responsible for the zoo attack.

Either way, none of the dogs responsible have been caught yet.

“Hindsight, you know, we probably should have stronger stuff but we’ve never had to deal with dogs getting in, it’s extremely rare,” Thompson says.

Tracy Roark with Little Rock Animal Services says traps are set around the zoo and some areas around I-630 on Fair Park where the dogs were last seeing running towards a culvert to escape capture.

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