Dr. House in Central Arkansas?

JACKSONVILLE, AR — The FOX16 newsroom knows that weekend anchor Hubert Tate has a problem with a runny nose. In search of relief, Hubert went looking for Dr. House. After all, Dr. House is known for finding cures to the most bizarre medical cases.

After a few clicks, Hubert found Dr. House, a physician in Jacksonville.

“Hi, when is the quickest time to see Dr. House.”

So he arrived at the office, walked inside, and made his way to the second floor. Then he patiently waited to get a medical breakthrough.

“Hubert, Dr. House will see you know.”

“Hello, I’m Dr. House. You must be Hubert. No, no, I’m the real Dr. House.”

Turns out – the Dr. House that Hubert made an appointment with is not the actor Hugh Laurie.

He is central Arkansas’ Aniel House.

“I’m a doctor.”
“A real doctor?”
“A real doctor.”
“Not a TV doctor.”
“Not a TV doctor.”

Dr. House graduated in 1978 from UAMS and works in family practice. He admits that since the show premiered in 2004, he’s been compared many times with the TV star.

“I just take it good naturedly,” he says. “I think we are very little alike.”

So let’s see how much they don’t have in common:

Greg is addicted to the drug Vicodin.
“I’m addicted to turkey hunting.”

The actor has a scruffy face.
“I shave.”

The on-screen character has poor bedside manners.

“I’d like to think I am a whole lot more pleasant than he is.”

Hugh Laurie applies powder before work.

“Hubert, I may need a little make up. But no I don’t wear any makeup.”

And Aniel says they certainly don’t look alike.

“Yeah I don’t see it.”

Although the show has come to an end, Aniel House says he is not sure when he will walk away from medicine for good.

“It kind of depends on how much longer the good lord gives me,” he says. “I enjoy what I do. I would like to work until I become dangerous.”

Until then he’ll keep giving people like Hubert recommendations to deal with their illnesses.

“I have no plans to go anywhere else.”

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