DANVILLE, Ark. – A teacher from Danville was surprised to learn she won a significant award from Amazon.

Danville High School computer science teacher Kristin Haggard was named an Amazon Future Engineer Teacher of the Year award

Haggard received a prize package including a $5,000 cash award and $25,000 for improving computer science education at her school.

School faculty surprised Haggard during a meeting where some predetermined door prizes were awarded. When Haggard’s name was drawn, she said she was surprised to receive Amazon’s award.

“I was very surprised when I opened my box. At first, I didn’t realize what it said. After realizing what it said, I was very honored that I received it and that my school threw me a surprise party to celebrate with me,” Haggard said. “This award is going to help my students in many ways. I will be able to buy robots for my classroom to help teach computer science and make it an even more engaging class.”

Danville High School officials said they plan to use the prize to purchase VEX robots to update her equipment, along with several computers to use with the robots.

Amazon officials said Haggard is one of 10 teachers across the U.S. that Amazon recognized for going above and beyond to help her students to build computer science skills and promote diversity and inclusion in tech.